Church Planting

In the summer of 2011, less than two months after we were married, we stayed up all night talking and praying with some dear friends who had been our youth pastor and his wife. They were leaving Washington State the next morning to move to Delray Beach, Florida. That night, for the first time, we dared to believe that we might be called to go with them.

Just over a year later, we sold or gave away most of our wedding gifts and packed everything we owned into a few suitcases and our Ford station wagon. After twelve days of driving, sightseeing, and visiting relatives who were on route, we arrived in Florida…homeless, jobless, and ready to never see the inside of a car again.

At that time the church had held it’s first Easter service and was meeting on Thursday nights. We jumped right in. I began to serve in the kids ministry and my husband started leading worship. And there was so much to learn and see. A month later, we moved out of our pastor’s house and into our little, upstairs apartment that was a miracle from God…yet again confirmation that this was where we were supposed to be.

On January 6, 2013, Redemption Church held it’s first Sunday morning service. Right now we have a congregation of 30, on a good day, but the miracles keep happening. My husband is the assistant pastor, worship leader, and operations coordinator and has a web design business on the side that he started a month before we found out that we were pregnant with our son.

Our lives are so different than we could ever have imagined, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. There is something so peaceful and sure about being where you know you are called to be, whatever that looks like.

This blog is partly to document this story...
The story of a church desiring to do nothing but Pursue and Proclaim Jesus.

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