A Million Silent Voices

There's something magical about the morning after a rainy night. As I drive through the city this morning, beauty jumps out at me at every corner.20130120-081337.jpgI suddenly see the beauty in every unturned leaf, in every unexplored wilderness, in every rain washed stone, and in every pointed blade of grass.20130120-123617.jpgAs I look closer, they are transformed into a silent choir. Silently, gloriously pointing toward our Savior.20130120-081525.jpgThey are singing a silent symphony of praise to their Creator. Shouting, although we can't audibly hear it. Are you listening?20130120-081535.jpgCan you imagine if the stones did cry out in praise to our Savior? Can you imagine what that choir would sound like? A million praising voices with their tongues suddenly unleashed!20130120-081551.jpgCan you imagine? What glory that would be! What glory it will be in heaven someday...20130120-081604.jpgBe blessed<3