Alphabet Week 1: AAA

First Word that Pops into My Head:
Apple - I think I read too many children's alphabet books!
People I Know:
ME! - Alesha and all my siblings
(yes, there are six of us, and all our names start with "A")
Alesha, Alison, Abigail, Anna, Anthony, and Adam - And my dad's name is Anthony
Two of my dear friends - Amanda and Amy (funny fact: Amanda is dating Amy's younger brother!)
Aqua - Pretty and be achy!
"All of a Kind Family" by Sydney Taylor
"Anne of Green Gables" by L.M. Montgomery
April!  My birthday month
America -  I am thankful for the country I live it
APPLE! - I love my iPhone, iPod, and Macbook! <3
Dictionary Word I didn't Know:
Ablate - To remove or take away from
Ablation - surgical removal of body tissue - or the natural processes of erosion or evaporation
Apples - with peanut butter of coarse!
Apricot Jam
Here is my list for week you can see, I added a few categories that I didn't list last week.  Feel free to do that or add your own categories!  I'm excited to see you all link up below!