Alphabet Week 19: SSS

Hello lovelies!

First Word that Pops into My Head: Snake...I think this is due to the fact that seeing the "sss" made me think of snakes. (And Harry Potter...)

People I Know: Sarah - lots of Sarah's, including my cousin! Sam - Both boys and girls! Samantha (see above) Samuel (see above) Scott - Are "s" names just really popular? Sandy - My small group leader for women's bible study in WA Shane -  Again...a few!

Colors: Saffron Sandy Brown Sand Sangria Sapphire Scarlet Sea Green Shamrock Green Silver Sky Blue Slate Grey Steel Blue

Favorites: Swimming Swings Singing Skies Skillets Skeins - Of yarn! =)

Dictionary Word I didn't Know: Sabliere - Sand pit

Food: Salad Shrimp - If any one of you ever wants to buy me shrimp...let's just say I will eat it all as fast as possible (while still trying to look lady-like) and be exceedingly happy! Cold with cocktail sauce or in a pasta is best. I could probably write a whole post on shrimp, but I will spare you. Seafood - Yum Salmon - Also yum Sandwiches Salami Sausage Soup!

I hope this puts a Smile on your face! I wish you a smiling and sunny weekend!

Be blessed. <3