Alphabet Week 21: UUU

{My heart is hurt for the families in Connecticut who yesterday lost their children, siblings, grandchildren, nieces/nephews, and friends. By posting this, I am not trying to be insensitive to the tragedy going on. I am still processing this and will probably write more later. I will also be participating in the blogger day of silence on Tuesday to support this community in their time of tragedy.} Hello lovelies! This week U have made it with me to week twenty-one! Wow! For awhile there, I thought this thing was just going to fizzle out somewhere in the middle. But no!

{Btw...did anyone notice that I missed last week? Oh you did...I'm not good with secrets.}

First Word that Pops into My Head: Unicorn - Ummm...Idk. There just aren't a lot of words that start with U...u know?

People I Know: Uriah - You know. From the bible? Oh you don't know him? Ya me neither...not in person anyways..

Colors: Ultramarine - Only one... =(

Favorites: Umbrellas - There's something just so singing in the rain-esque or little women-esque about holding an umbrella. Basically, they're romantic. I love them. Uncles - I have great uncles. Just sayin' Universities - I just get excited and smart feeling when I'm on a university campus Uber - Travis contributed that word. =)

Dictionary Word I didn't Know: Uberty - Fruitfulness; Abundant productiveness

Food: Udo - A Japanese vegetable...and the only thing I had ever heard of before that I could find.

Hopefully we'll more lUck with V next week! =)

Be blessed. <;3