Alphabet Week 23: WWW

Hello lovelies! Well, this is week twenty-two!! We will have a wonderful time today!

First Word that Pops into My Head: Wicked...because I couldn't think of any other adjectives that started with "w" when writing the intro sentence. Haha!

People I Know: William - My dad and brother's middle name Whitney -  I know two sweet Whitney's Wileslie - A great guy at our church in Washington

Colors: Wheat White Wysteria

Favorites: Wide Mouth Jars Wheat Fields Winter Winning - Who doesn't? Weddings Words - Haha! Obviously, or I wouldn't be doing this series. Wildlife

Dictionary Word I didn't Know: Waits - Musicians employed to play on ceremonial occasions

Food: Wafers White Fish Wheat Bread Watermelon Whipped Cream Waffles

Well, only 1 week left!!! I'm doing XY&Z together next week. I am wonderfully excited! =)

Be blessed. <3