Alphabet Week 8: HHH

Welcome to another edition of...

First Word that Pops into My Head: Home... *tears*

People I Know: Hannah - I know a few, but am not close to any of them Hailey - I know a couple sinking cute Hailey's in the youth group Hans - of my fellow youth leaders' brothers, who happens to be a pastor Heather - I have two bosses named Heather as well as one of my very closest friends Hunter - Yep, Hunter. Another kid from youth group

Colors: Hether Heliotrope Han Purple (Seriously? Who knew this was a color name?!?!?!) Harelquin

Favorites: Home High-Dives Hellos (not goodbyes) Handbags Hubby!!! Helium Balloons

Dictionary Word I didn't Know: Hackmatack - Woods, dense forest of interwoven shrubbery of tamarack or other conifers ...interesting...

Food: Honey Hummus Habenero Peppers Ham HAMBURGERS!!! Hashbrowns Hazelnuts Hot fudge Hot Chocolate ...yum

=) This is always least for me. I hope it is for you too! Be blessed. <3