Sponsorship is Here
So I've been thinking about it for a awhile...and I'm going to launch in.
Would you like to sponsor Blessed to be a Blessing for the month of May?
Here's what I'll do.
5 Button Swaps - Goes to the first 5 (approved) bloggers to comment on this post
You will all be featured in a single
"Swapper Feature" in the middle of the month

5 ad spots for sale - $5 for a 200x150 ad on my sidebar for the first 5 (approved) bloggers to email me {alesha.tobless(at)}

 (first month sale price!)
You will have the opportunity to participate in a giveaway at the end of the month on my blog.
And you will receive the opportunity to guest post on my blog for additional advertisement time.  =)
So start creating your SUPER COOL buttons and leave me a comment!
I am so excited to have you all sponsor me this month! Go Check Out my NEW SHOP on Etsy Crafting4Him

I'm super excited about this.  More products should be coming in the following weeks, but this is what I have for now!  =) Yay!  So fun. Be blessed! <3