Boughs of Beauty!

As it is my first Christmas with my own tree to decorate, I couldn't wait!  So it got our apartment decorated a week after Thanksgiving - as soon as my husband and I had a day at home.  I am happy with result and look forward to adding to it year after year.

I really like thick ribbon cascading down the tree, but I did not have enough thick ribbon.  So after a few days of contemplating, I decided to use a thin ribbon and I think it looks quite nice.  The tree is so small that a thick ribbon might be overbearing.

My ornaments consist of a set of matching balls and then a random assortment of ornaments that I have gathered over the past 20 years.  The tree is unique and tells a story about my life, but the balls pull the whole thing together to bring a nice matching feel.  Happy, happy.  =)

We still don't have a tree topper.  I am debating between a star and an angel.  I don't want something too gaudy and large, but I do love sparkles...hmmm.  The hunt continues.  Here is what it looks like without anything on top.  What does your tree look like?