Chasing Dark

Yesterday morning a friend and I went to see the sunrise. Just randomly in the middle of the week. She had the day off. I didn't have anything going on in the morning. Sunrise3

I was thankful when I woke up and there were clouds. It makes a more beautiful sunrise that way…light streaming from behind the clouds. The colors the light creates in the clouds.


We sat on the hard wooden beach chairs and watched and snapped a million photos and listened to the waves and soaked in the peacefulness and talked about turtles and the weather and strange looking clouds.


And it was perfect.

The wooden bench was not exactly comfortable. The sun didn't make it out from behind the clouds till 20 minutes after the "technical" sunrise. I kept getting anxious about my day.


But somewhere, in the midst of my brokeness, I tipped my head back and watched the darkness fade. You can almost see the light pushing it back, as if the darkness is slowly, fearfully creeping away.


And then it hit me, staring up at perfect pink clouds and black-fading-to-blue skies…the dark isn't really there. It's not. The dark is just the absence of light.


Basic science Beautiful lesson Stunning life application

How often in life do i feel trapped in the dark? How often do I feel stuck in the nighttime? How often do I feel lost in a foggy blackness?


But I don't need to simply wait for the sun to rise. I can run to the Son who will chase away all my darkness if only I'll let Him. If only I'll let the light in. If only I'll give Him room to come in then the night will be gone banished in the light of His presence.


Be blessed <3