Christmas Cards

So as our first Christmas being married, I didn't feel the need to do a grand Christmas letter with blow-by-blow happenings of the past 7 months since my wonderful husband and I have been that bad?  So I made less than 20 cards that said "Merry Christmas" and had a verse inside and left it at that.  Only a few special people got them and I am happy.  Maybe next year I will launch into the scary world of mass Christmas card mailings and an intense "here's our life!" letter inside.  For now, these are my simple creations and I am happy. =)

I got the idea for this off of (where else) Pinterest.  However, I made my cards full sized and added ribbon/thread.  I like the effect.
Here is the link to the original from the Etsy page that they are sold. is the link to my Card Making Board on my Pinterest.
Enjoy!  This will probably be my last post until after Christmas.  So...
Merry, Merry Christmas to you all!  May the JOY of the salvation that was given in Jesus fill your hearts and homes this Christmas!