Church Planting: Baptize

It was the joy that struck me. In the midst of kids talking and babies screaming, in the midst of the lightening flashing outside, in the midst of dirty paper plates and napkins scattered across the tables...There was joy. An unashamed, bubbling over joy in the grace and salvation we have in Jesus.


And we sang... God is able He will never fail He is almighty God Greater than all we seek Greater than all we ask He has done great things

I could hear Natty to my front left singing beautiful harmony. A whole group of kids to my back left talking and totally not paying attention to the worship.

And we sang... Lifted up, He defeated the grave Raised to life, our God is able In His name, we overcome For the Lord, our God is able

I closed my eyes and raised my hands and tried to soak it all up. All the distracting, joyous noises. All of the sounds of singing rising to heaven. All the joy bubbling up and over in my heart.


And we sang... God is with us God is on our side He will make a way Far above all we know Far above all we hope He has done great things

I didn't care if I was the only one worshiping, although I knew I was not. I was just rejoicing in my salvation. Rejoicing in the great things He has done in me. Sometimes, when you've been a Christian a long time, you don't often feel that joy of redemption, the sweetness of freedom. You wrongly becomes about other things. Not in that moment. In that moment I was deeply grateful in all that God had done for me.

And we sang... God is with us He will go before He will never leave us He will never leave us

And I listened to the words and claimed them as my own and in all the crazy, messy chaos going on around me, I rejoiced in my salvation! And rejoiced for those getting baptized that day, for those publicly professing their freedom and faith in Christ.


And we sang... God is for us He has open arms He will never fail us He will never fail us

And then we went outside and watched three women get baptized...and it was beautiful. To watch them stand and declare their faith publicly. To rejoice with them. To celebrate all God is doing in them!


Praise the Lord!

Be blessed <3

Song: God is Able by Hillsong