Church Planting is...

Church planting is…loving people. Pouring your heart out for others. Over and over and over again.

Falling into bed on Sunday night completely physically exhausted but mentally energized.


Rejoicing over people: People showing up People praying People talking People meeting other people People serving People loving each other People being changed by God

Hearing happy news and sad news, and rejoicing and crying, and feeling up and down all at the same time.

Loving stories. Stories of God working and moving and changing people.


Sharing stories late at night in bed with your husband rejoicing over all God is doing.

Listening to stories of pain and hurt, then holding your husband close and praying hard together.

Pouring out love and tears and joy and work and being filled up by Jesus through the process of pouring out.

Church planting is…up and down, back and forth, constantly moving through the highs and lows as the world spins round and our lives shift and change. And not just moving through this cycle with your own life, but with the lives of others.

Church planting is loving people, because Jesus loves people.

Be blessed <3