Church Planting is... {Part 13}

Church planing is vision casting. "Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he." Proverbs 29:18 (KJV)


There is a reason we keep the law. There is a reason we plant churches. There is a reason we start ministries. There is a reason we disciple people.

And if the people you’re leading don’t know where they are going or why you’re taking them there, they won’t stick around.

And if your congregation isn’t always pointed back to Jesus, then you’ll wonder why your congregation is always so focused on things that really don’t matter.

And if you don’t draw the gospel connection for people, if you don’t give them the gospel why, then they will wander blind.

Church planing is vision casting.

…pointing to Jesus. …reminding people of the purpose (Jesus). …refocusing on the goal (Jesus). …saying no to things that don’t align with the goal. …saying yes to things that do align with the goal. …reminding ourselves of the vision. …firing people up again and again. …repeating the goal. …repeating the purpose. …repeating the why. …pointing back to Jesus. …repeating the vision.

Because our hearts have amnesia and we forget the “why" so easily. …why we’re doing church. …why we’re preaching sermons. …why we’re singing songs. …why we’re building ministries. …why we’re running a kids ministry. …why we’re doing outreach. …why we’re meeting midweek. …why we’re holding prayer meetings. …why we’re telling people to read their Bible.

Because without a why, there is no reason to keep pushing toward a goal.

And my pastor has told us over and over that “Leaders need to repeat the vision until they sick of saying it, and then they've almost said it enough."

Church planting is vision casting. Church planting must be vision casting. Church planting must feel like you’re repeating yourself over and over and over again or you’re probably heading off course or letting your congregation and staff and leadership wander blind.

And with lack of vision, the people perish... And with lack of vision, we will perish...

And if we as leaders don’t continually find ways to refresh our own hearts with the vision God has called us to, we’ll end up burnt out and overwhelmed and off course.


Church planting is vision casting... First to our own hearts, and then to those we are leading.

Be blessed <3