Day 12: His Presence with Us

"And he said, 'My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.'"Exodus 33:14


The rest is never in the's in His presence. And so often we try to escape. Like Jonah, we search for the nearest boat to take us away. Away from reality Away from pain Away from work Away from thought

So we pick up the tv remote or let our minds wander to a "happy place" or pour a glass of anything delicious or dip into our secrete cholocate stash... And we take these gifts and make them our healing when they are simply the gift from our Healer. We take the gift that's meant to point to the Giver and make it the purpose.

And I love to watch a movie or eat a chocolate bar or read a good book, but when it's the first thing I turn to when I'm tired or upset or discouraged I know my heart is in the wrong place. Because peace? It's not found by breathing in deep of the sunshine at the ocean or inhaling a ghiradelli dark chocolate. It's found by breathing in Him...His presence.

Because that promise was written to Moses, but it shows the character of our God. It tells His heart. It shows Him, so we can know that His presence is with us. And in His presence is rest...true rest.


Be blessed <3

{This post is part of my 31 day series called "Breathe" that I am linking up with The Nester for this October writing project} 31DaysButton