Day 7: He Never Breathes In

With dark circled eyes, I sit on the dirty couch this morning. Monday morning is usually a time of refreshment and renewed energy for me, but today its looming ominously, threatening to overwhelm my mind. And my heart offers a discouraged plea, "I don't even know where to start!" BreatheDay7a

And my mind on cue replies, start here…start at His feet. Start by being filled. If you are never filled you can never pour out. If you never breathe in life, you can never breathe it out. But if we're all just running around breathing in someone else's exhale, someone along the line is going to hold their breath a little too long and we're all going to suffocate.

The life-giving, Word breathing blog posts I read already this morning aren't meant fill me…they're meant to point me to the One who can. Because you and I will always be running out and running dry and never having quite enough to keep ourselves on our feet, let alone enough pour out to those around us.


But we have a God who never breathes in. He is the source of life and breath. It comes from Him. He draws no breath because He is the source of breath. He needs nothing to give Him life because He is life itself. We breathe Him in moment by moment and we'll never suck Him dry because He can never run out. He never breathes in. And He has offered to us Himself, the never-ending life source.

Let's breathe Him in today.

A sweet Instagram friend shared this song with me last Monday. It is so perfect for this series, that I wanted to share it with you too.

Here by Kari Jobe

Come and rest here Come and lay your burdens down Come and rest here There is refuge for you now

You'll find His peace And know you're not alone anymore He is near You'll find His healing You're heart isn't shattered anymore He is here

Breathe in Breathe out You will You will find Him here

I will rest in You


Be blessed <3

{This post is part of my 31 day series called "Breathe" that I am linking up with The Nester for this October writing project} 31DaysButton