Garlic Butter

I am ridiculously excited about this post!  My FIRST recipe.  It is delicious and super easy!


My husband does.  But I don't.  I'm kind of a simple person when it comes to butter.  I like it on breads, rolls, etc, but I'm really fine without it too.  When I put it on, I spread it pretty thin.  Thus, the butter that is normally spread on store bought garlic bread is WAY to thick.  So in the store last Friday, Travis and I were trying to decide whether to get garlic bread or not.  Being the unselfish man he is, Travis bought regular garlic bread and suggested that maybe I make garlic butter at home so that we could put as much as we each wanted on it.
I started thinking....why not?
What you need:
1/2 cup butter at room temperature (really soft)
1 large clove of garlic
First crush the garlic into the bowl with the butter and generously sprinkle with fresh or dried parsley.  (Really though, add as much garlic as you want and the parsley is mostly just for looks!)  I used my Christmas gift from my mom (a Cuisinart handheld blender with wisk and food processor attachments - click on the link to check it on Amazon) with the whisk to mix it all together.
Note: Use a much larger bowl then you think you need.  I had little splatters of butter all around the area I was working by the time I finished with the whisk.  Oops!
Transfer it to a smaller bowl and serve with warm french bread!

I love the strong buttery flavor mixed with a fresh garlic taste.  I really liked it and my husband loved it too!
So go plan an Italian night with garlic bread on the side!
Alesha <3