"Girly" Lunch

I am so excited to have another
recipe to share with you all today!
I think I'll call them 
Avocado Cracker Bites...Maybe?
A little help here????
I was home by myself for lunch today.  When this happens, I (usually) eat a lot healthier at least I eat a lot less.  The food I eat when Travis is gone also tends to be a lot more snacky girly.  =)
See!  Snacky (I mean girly) and healthy!
2. My delicious plate!
3. My YUMMY cracker bites
Here is how to make them...
1. Cracker of your choice
(I like Club Multi-Grain crackers)
2. Slice of Pepper Jack Cheese
(MUST be Tilamook!  There is NO other cheese that can compare...seriously)
3. Slice of avocado
(I think I would slice mine thicker next time)
Layer these three in the order listed and enjoy!
They were seriously delicious!
The Pepper Jack Cheese added just the right amount of flavor, and who besides most guys I know doesn't like avocado!
So there you have it...a lovely, girly lunch!  Delicious, healthy, and EASY!
That's my kinda meal.
Be blessed!
Can you think of a better name?
Mine sounds...awkward...