Give Me Jesus: {The Remedy for the Worn Thin, Too Tired Days}

So often my days start off like it did this morning... groaning myself awake... dragging myself outside for a run... half stretching while peeking at social media... dragging myself through a steamy hot shower... throwing the usual ingredients in a blender... I can finally plop down, breakfast in hand, on my special corner of the couch.

And I feel worn thin, tired out already, before my day has even begun. Give me Jesus

Nothing is really wrong with my day. Maybe there a few burning prayer requests... Maybe last night wasn't the night of exciting ministry that we had hoped... Maybe today is just a slow, at-home sort of day... But I still feel far more worn down and out of sorts than I should.

GiveMeJesus1 GiveMeJesus3

And deep down, I know what I need... Just give me Jesus

Because in the midst of all the clutter and chaos of life, there is so little that truly matters.

My pastor husband said it this past Sunday... "Our purpose is to steward God's gifts for God's glory and our own maturity."

Our purpose... The whole point to this lifetime cycle of work and rest we find ourselves on... Our purpose is to steward... We aren't just meant to survive this cycle, we're meant to use it... Our purpose is to steward God's gifts... We've been given gifts to use, even if it's just the gift of breath in our lungs... Our purpose is to steward God's gifts for God's glory... This gift of life, these gifts of time and talents and treasures aren't ours even when they're in our hands...they're His. And they are meant to be used to bring Him glory... ...for God's glory and our own maturity. The whole point of this never-ending cycle of life is God's glory and our growth to be more like God. We aren't supposed to survive life, we're meant to use life.

Because life is a gift from Him to be used for Him, but there is no way for us to use life without new life being first put inside of us. Give me Jesus.

This life abundant that He promises... We've already been given it. But we can't use it or live it or feel it or enjoy it apart from Him.

Because in the midst of all the clutter and chaos of life, there is so little that truly matters, but when it's put in the hands of the Giver of Life every tiny detail takes on a heavenly importance.

Can you see it? Can you see the heavenly purpose in reading His Word? Can you see the glorious calling to live each moment in communion with Him? Can you see the eternal glory in your very breath?

Because this lifetime cycle of morning and night, work and rest is the framework of a holy calling you've been given by a holy God.

Right here, right now you are walking on holy ground because every footprint you leave has a voice and our purpose is to leave footprints that speak of God.

And he also preached..."If we are going to be doing God's work, we need God's power."

I do know exactly what I need...exactly Who I need to breathe life and passion and purpose into my worn thin, tired out day. I need Jesus.

Lets lean in hard. Lets draw as close as possible. Lets seek His face and listen for His voice and nestle deep in the arms of His love today.

Be blessed <3