Today I'm Here/There

Good morning (or afternoon or evening) beautiful! I am so excited to tell you that I am not here today...well, I'm here, but only only long enough to tell you not to stay here but to go here and here and here. (Was that confusing? Trust me I didn't exactly plan on being three places at once just sorta happened)

First, I am guest posting on L's blog, All Glorious Within.


L is one of the sweetest bloggers I've met online, and she has several awesome series! Today I get to be a part of her ENCOURAGEMENT series.

(Seriously, can you think of a better blog series? It full of posts and guest posts meant to encourage you!)

So go read my encouragement to you. I pray that you will be blessed!

Second, I am guest posting on Angie's blog, Womanhood with Purpose. Angie is a wife and mother who is on a mission to encourage, equip, and build up wives. Check her out! I think you will enjoy her blog. =)


She asked me to share about marriage so I wrote about something God taught me long before marriage that I'm rediscovering now as an important part of communication in marriage, excuses.

Finally... The beautiful Hanna has agreed to review a Mother/Daughter headband set from my shop (Alesha Blessed Designs)

Hanna blogs at Bouffe e Bambini. She makes amazing looking food and she runs, or at least she will keep running once she has baby number three in a few more weeks! So excited for her new little one. I admire her ability to be so honest and real about life and I am definitely motivated by her love of running.

So, if all that isn't enough incentive for you to go visit her blog, then I will just point out that there may be an Alesha Blessed Designs discount code. But you'll have to go read the post for yourself and look at all of her adorable pictures to find out if there is or not. =)

Haha! =) Enjoy and thank you, Hanna!

Be blessed <3