Happy V-Day

I know how to spell Valentine's day, but only because I looked it up yesterday while writing my hubby's card. I probably look it up every year. He caught me looking at the dictionary and joyfully expressed his relief that I too struggle to spell this particular word. 20140214-172717.jpg Our day started with watching the sunrise on the beach, reading homemade cards from each other, and breakfast at Starbucks.

Then we read books, are fruit dipped in chocolate, played a card game, took a nap, went on an hour and half walk, and played another card game. We're about to head out to a pizza dinner.

No boxed chocolates (yuck) or teddy bears (not a fan) for me, but my husband knows the way to my heart...quality time. So I'm soaking up every minute of today!

Happy Valentines to you! I hope you are feeling loved in whatever unique way you are celebrating.

Be blessed <3