Healthy Habits: Breakfast

Breakfast is quite possibly one of my favorite meals of the day! Without it, I start feeling sick, sleepy, and grumpy. In my college nutrition class, I learned that breakfast is a very important part of the day. Recent studies have shown that skipping even one meal a day can throw off your metabolism and make it harder to loose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

I love finding healthy breakfast options, but lets face it...I'm a bit of a foodie, so they need to taste amazing and look sophisticated too.

20130129-112133.jpg I eat granola with blueberries almost everyday, but today, I had a stroke of genius! Wait for it...


Now I like sweetness as much as anyone, but I also try not to overdo it. Thus, I make a homemade honey granola and eat it with plain yogurt.

Yes, plain! It's an acquired taste. I got myself conditioned to it by adding honey to the yogurt, then slowly cutting back the amount of honey I added. Now I don't add any...just blueberries for natural sweetness.

Well, mangos are even sweeter than blueberries and are a beautiful contrasting color. I had a sneaking suspicion that they would taste fabulous together...and they do!

You can find my Honey Almond Granola Recipe here. Whip up a batch, add some plain yogurt, and then throw in some cubed mango and a handful of frozen blueberries. Prepare yourself to be amazed! And take a few second to enjoy how pretty it looks before you stir it all together! ;-) 20130129-112715.jpg

#go500 update: The good... I am starting to feel strong. I can feel it when lifting things and when walking up and down stairs. I'm finally hitting that point where 1 1/2 miles doesn't quite feel like enough! (Finally!)

The not-so-good... I haven't run since Saturday. =/ It's Tuesday. No bueno. My hubby is working midday and afternoon shifts this week so we aren't going to bed as early. Thus I've been letting myself sleep in and it's been too warm to run past 7:45 in the morning. Tomorrow morning, my alarm will be set for 6 AM. Joy...

Be blessed <3

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