Remember this photo I posted awhile ago?  I said that I was doing a cool project I couldn't wait to show you guys?  Well...it sorta took me forever to take pictures of.  But that's okay, because I LOVE my new dress and didn't mind wearing it over and over!
(And by the time we got around to pictures, it was sunny so we could take them outside!  Yay!)
Isn't it pretty!  Without a belt Travis says that I look pregnant....he's right.  It looks REALLY funny when it is not belted.  It looked even funnier before I cut 14 inches off!  =)  I really do like it though.  It's not super warm, so I'll definitely use it more as the sun is out more and more (hopefully).
And guess what I get to do with the bottom part since I kept it in a circle?  Use it as a light summer infinity scarf!  Two new clothing items for $7!  I love Goodwill! <3

Which do you like better?  The wide belt or the skinny belt?
Cardigan or not?
Comment and let me know!
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