Truth has a way of throwing me off balance. Sometimes its so easy to live life believing lies even after you've been shown the truth. It's easy. It doesn't require the pain of change. It's simple.

So what truth is throwing me off balance right now?

This truth that was spoken by my pastor this past Thursday.

The text was Matthew 13:53-58 These words from His sermon are sticking with me this week.

His "if/then" statement really hit me. IF I can trust God with this, THEN why can't I trust God with that? Truth.

Matthew 13:58 - "And he did not do many mighty works there, because of their unbelief."

If I believe the above statement and if I know that He says, "Trust me. Have faith. Love me first." Then why don't I? Because I am not capable in my own strength.

Jesus, fill me with Your Spirit.
Give me the faith to believe in You and to trust You.
Give me the grace to love You before anything else.
Give me more of You, Jesus.
And let all the glory be Yours.
Be blessed