Infinity Scarf

Hey everyone!  Here is one of the projects from the craft day with my sisters.  It is probably the simplest one, so I hope you can use it! If you are like me, you probably have a bunch of old scarves laying around that you never wear but won't get rid of.  They are pretty, but for some reason they are never just quite right; they were too thick, too thin, too long, or too short!  And so often I won't get rid of them because they were gifts -  in my case, they were hand knit or crocheted gifts from friends!  I always feel so awful throwing away a homemade gift. =(

So my solution?  Turn them into infinity scarves!  This automatically solves both length and thickness issues - mostly anyways.
I didn't even bother taking pictures for this tutorial because it is so SIMPLE!  Simply match up the ends of your scarf, pull out a needle and thread, and sew them together.  The thread will be so thin compared to the yarn you won't even see it.  Here is my favorite...
Perfectly simple and completely free!  I love, love, love my new scarves.  And here's the best part...if I ever get tired of having them like this, then I can cut out the stitches and BAM!  They are back to normal!  =)
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