Instagram: A story of our VACATION

I Instagramed like CRAZY this week! But it was our first vacation since our honeymoon so....what can you expect?

Our FIRST YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY was Monday the 28th! We thoroughly enjoyed the week off from work. Here is what we did...

Got up last Friday at 4:00 in the MORNING to drive 5 1/2 hours...
I created some AWESOME new crochet designs during that car ride. =)

And while we drove the tumble weeds were in full attack gave us a chip on our windshield.  This one stuck in our passenger's side wheel well...
And then we arrived...
Eastern WA University to watch my sister Anna (a freshman) run the 3200 at STATE!
(For those of you who don't know track...
3200 = 2 miles)
There it is! 9th in State for girls 2B schools! Not as good as she was hoping, but it was a great experience and such a cool thing to go to State as a freshman.  We are so proud of her!

While there, we got to surprise this sweet friend who attends school at EWU!
She graciously gave us a tour of the campus.

And we stayed with my Aunt and Uncle!

But mostly, we sat in the sun for 2 long days watching Anna'steam take 2nd!  And...we got burned. =(

So I borrowed my aunts hat...and then didn't wear it because it was too windy. =/
Top: Me, my Aunt Audrey, and my brother Anthony
Bottom Left: My Uncle Chip and me
Bottom Right: My and my handsome hubby!
(Travis borrowed my brother's hat and actually wore it...)

Before leaving my Aunt and Uncles on Sunday, we visited Riverfront Park and rode the carousel!
After an AWESOME lunch at Dick's (I seemed to have failed at instagraming that. *tears*), we embarked on another 6 hour drive to Oregon.

And had to stop and get gas in some deserted ghost town...
We threw in a stop at the Portland mall (which has an iceskating rink INSIDE of it - you can go on the second and third floor and walk over peoples' heads!!!).

After stopping in Portland for the night, we completed our journey to Cottage Grove, OR. (Another 2 1/2 hours driving)

We stopped and got a highly unhealthy breakfast at a local QFC. But it was okay because...
This day...Monday, May 28th...was our one year wedding anniversary! So, so, so thankful to have been married to the most AWESOME-for-to-many-reasons-to-list man in the world!

Anyways, we finally arrived at the Village Grove Resort. The desk and TV cupboard in our pretty room at the resort!
We had a fancy dinner at the resort restaurant the first night..our anniversary.
(All but the appetizer were included for free in the package deal we bought!)

We ordered the EXACT.SAME.THING...down to how well our steaks were cooked. =P
The next day we explored the town and had lunch in this ADORABLE little cafe!
We didn't have any, but look how incredibly amazing their dessert case looked!
Why didn't we get any...?
Cute signs on the Cafe wall!
We only stayed at the Resort two nights, so our second night we bought pizza and icecream to eat in our room while watching Pickers, Chopped, and CupCake Wars.
(We don't have TV, so watching shows like that is kinda fun!)
And finally on Wednesday, we headed home.
We sang along to some old
Steven Curtis Chapman
in the car on the way home.
Good times!

And in my boredom from driving, I created an awesome collage of my favorite color...coral.
And we discussed going organic... I bought these when we stopped at the grocery store for dishwasher soap.

Although we got home Wednesday evening, we are still on vacation...til tomorrow morning.
So I did my hair fancy on Thursday...
Fun stuff.
How was your week?
Mine was AWESOME!

Be blessed.

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