Instagram: Bible, Biking, and (What Else Starts with a B?)

Hello friends!
I'm back for another Instagram photo drop! Looking back, I had a busy week and took a lot of pictures...and it's only Friday morning!

I am on vacation as of 4 am this morning hen Travis and i got up to leave! We are driving 5 1/2 hours to watch my sister run the 3200 (2 mile) race a state for the 2B division. So proud of her! Then We are driving another 7 hours on Monday to spend the night at a nice "resort" that we got a KILLER deal in for our 1 YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! Wow! A year has gone so fast! All that to say, my posting may be a bit scarce this week. I have one or two posts scheduled and I have my laptop and phone..but you never know what will happen. =)

Anywho, enjoy the photos! Sorry that I didn't have time to label them. =(

Be blessed!

P.S. Don't forget to write your alphabet post and link up tomorrow! It's the letter B!