Instagram: Bro's birthday and More

Here are my instagrams for the week!

My mom texted me this picture of my brother enjoying his birthday breakfast!
Isn't he cute!
Enjoying a refreshing Izze with my hubby <3

Making mother's day cards!
Post coming soon!

 1. My mom, my sisters and I getting ready for the Seattle Color Run on Mother's Day!
L to R: Me, Abigail, Alison, My BEAUTIFUL mother, and Anna
2. The second picture is me at the end of the run.  My shirt turned out the best!

My dad and brother picked me up for a spontaneous coffee date!  So fun!
I love these boys!
I got to take care of my brothers for a day while my mom was busy.
So, of coarse, I treated them to Fro-Yo!
My notes from an awesome and convicting sermon I listened to on Wednesday.  It was about work.
Which categories to do you fall into?
Be blessed!
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