More Sister's Crafting Day Fun!

Remember that sister's crafting day I blogged about back in December?  Remember how I promised more tutorials and crafts from that day?  Well, I think I unconsciously decided to spread them out for a very long time! And finally, here's another one!

Isn't she talented?  I didn't get a full tutorial done, but the steps and pictures I do have will hopefully be enough for you to recreate this on your own.

The dress was made of several large strips of gathered fabric.  She cut off the bottom gathered layer.  Look how long it is without gathers!

Then she cut out the seam  that connected the bodice to the skirt of the dress and then used the middle two layers for the skirt.   (is this making sense with not many pictures?)  There was elastic around the waistband that was stretchy enough to use as the waist of the skirt.

So next she put a hem on it.  She ironed it over 1/4" and another 1/4" so that the raw edge was neatly tucked inside the fabric. (See Picture Below)

Her final step was to take out some of the gathering in the seam holding the two ruffles of the skirt together.  There were two different seams and it was making a funny bump.  This one I don't have pictures for either and it is super hard to explain, but hopefully you won't run into that problem.  =)
Well, I hope this tutorial has been get to work refashioning your own dress! And many thanks to Abigail for letting me share all her awesome projects.
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Be blessed!