My Week Flew By...

I write the following post on Friday. Then I second guessed myself...I felt like I wrote a bunch of mishmash and I dud't even label my photos. So i never posted it. But when I looked back at it today, it wasn't as bad as I remember. It was my my heart. So although it's a few days late, here you go.
Do you ever have those moments...those sitting still thinking moments....and suddenly your filled with a peace and joy from God that you can't explain?
That happened to me yesterday. I can truly say I love my Savior. his peace and joy are amazing. He DOES fill my life with good things. Even when there seems to be no particular reason in this life to be joyful, God is there filling us with his Spirit and bring us His peace.

my current favorite teas / homemade iced coffee with icecream in it / the sun was shining (!!!!) / pancakes with peanut butter / tried a new hair style / a new refashioning project (more to come!) / an amazing calzone - artichoke, tomato, and mozzarella

life rearranged