My Week in Photos!

Hello all!
After that super serious post yesterday (which you should all go and read), here is a little photo history of my week for you!
1.  The bus trip to HS Winter Camp!  So much fun and God really worked!
2.  I bought honey in bulk...yay! =)
3. By Wednesday I still hadn't recovered from I splurged on coffee cause I didn't have time to make any.
4.  Making the ordinary things special...Mountain Dew and milk.  Can you guess which one was for mine and which was for Travis?
5.  Supreme Dark Chocolate!  It's super bitter...but I'm starting to REALLY like it.
6.  New memory verse inspired by this post from Mary in Marriedland!
7.  I made this hair clip back in December but just wore it for the first time.  What do you think?
8.  I tried to curl my hair like Janssen from Everyday Reading, and it worked!  Thank you, Janssen!
9.  AWESOME coffee date with my husband this morning!  I love how we are on the same page in life and even when we disagree, we are coming from the same belief system so our disagreements pretty easily come to agreement.  I love him so much and am soooo thankful for him!
10.  See?  Isn't he handsome!  I love my guy! (Okay, I'm done ranting about him now.)
11.  I added the buttons to my headband!
12.  Crafting!  I'm getting ready for my FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY! YAY!  Be back here in two weeks and three days...Sunday the 16th for my birthday giveaway!
Okay!  Take one for the day!  Enjoy!  Are you linking up your instagrams?  Have a cool post from your week?  Let me know and I'll try to check it out!
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