New Boots

After Christmas my sweet husband agreed to let me spend some of the Christmas money we received on boots. So I spent hours on the Sheikh website looking through dozens of pairs of boots. Finally (after votes from my 3 sisters had been tallied) I picked out 2 pairs! Yep...2! My husband generously suggested I get two since they were on sale and I couldn't decide between heels or no heels. They are ADORABLE! Here is the first pair (heels).

Aren't they amazing? I resewed my jeans to make them skinny jeans with this cool tutorial. I wish I had a photo if my whole outfit but by the time I could get one it was too dark and the lighting in our apartment is terrible!

Anywho, I am very happy with them. Big thanks to my sweet hubby. I'll get pictures up of the other pair room...hopefully with a full body shoot this time!

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