Oh the Joy!

I grew up in church, so I heard them say it.And I believed them…mostly.


But there's difference between believing and knowing. Between hearing and seeing. Between "saber" and "conocer". Saber. Conocer. "Saber" means 'to know' in our heads, our minds. "Conocer" also means 'to know', but "conocer" is a life know. A heart know. A knowing that comes from experience. Deep and intimate knowing.

And so they said, so I knew…or I thought I did. They said that there is nothing that compares to the joy of serving the Lord. They said that there was nothing more fulfilling than surrendering all to Him. They said that serving God is the most joyful, peaceful, and wonderful and the most rewarded, blessed, and satisfied place to be.


I so I heard…and so I desired. And so we stepped out in faith. Not just in one big way. There is no measurement that way…but in a million little ways, day after day. Many opportunities were missed, but the more opportunities I caught, the more I didn't let fall by the way.

And I didn't just hear…I began to see. I didn't just "saber"…I began to "conocer". I didn't just know…I knew.


Oh the joy Oh the blessings Oh the contentment when you know you are stepping out in faith and you are putting yourself aside and you are giving it all away for His glory!

If it is this beautiful now, what will it be like deeper in and further on? I can't wait to find out! I can't wait to know more deeply…more intimately. I can't wait to do more for, to walk closer with, to receive more grace from, and to be more radically captivated by my Savior.


Oh,the joy will be far greater than I can imagine…and so much more beautiful will the hope of heaven seem.

May He be our joy…may the surrender and service of our lives be the thing that drives us into the joy and peace of His everlasting arms.

Be blessed <3