One Year Ago I...

A year ago, I hit publish on my very first post and had no idea if it would get read. Now, I am hitting publish on my 203rd post and am worried that my 150+ followers won't make the switch from blogger to WordPress with me. A year ago, I thought blogging was simple and not very common. Now, I think blogging is complex and more common than most people would believe.

A year ago, I thought I wanted to share craft projects and maybe write a bit. Now, I think I want to write and share my cooking and crafting on the side.

A year ago, I would never have dreamed of taking pictures of my "fashion". Now, I can't believe I haven't taken pictures in 3 weeks!

A year ago, I was living in our first apartment in Olympia, Washington. Now, I live in our second apartment in Delray Beach, Florida.

A year ago, I thought I'd be lifeguarding and teaching water exercise for years. Now, I think tutoring is a pretty awesome job...maybe I'll tutor for years...

A year ago, I had no idea what my blogging purpose was. Now, I think I finally have it figured out.

A year ago, I thought that only lonely people have online friends. Now, I think online friends are just about as awesome as real life friends (which I have).

A year ago, I was pretty shy. Now, I'm learning to trust God and say what He tells me to.

A year ago, I couldn't have dreamed where I would be today in this blogging thing. Now, I don't regret it in the slightest.

Be blessed <3