Recipe: Monte Cristos (aka - French Toast Part 2)

Hello Beautiful! So you want to turn French Toast into a fancy lunch food? Why not!

Monte Cristos

Ingredients: {makes 2 sandwiches} Leftover French Toast 4 slices of deli ham meat Sliced Swiss Cheese Sliced Cheddar Cheese Powdered Sugar Jam {Raspberry and apricot are my favorites}

Instructions: Heat your frying pan {I used a caste iron skillet} to medium heat. Place your French Toast in the skillet. Lay two slices of ham on the bread. Then later the Swiss and Cheddar Cheeses on top. Place a second piece of bread over the cheese.

Keep you heat medium to medium low so that the cheese will melt, but the brea will not burn. When cheese is about halfway melted, flip the sandwich over. Place a lid on your pan to hold in steam and to help the cheese to melt more quickly! {I didn't have a lid that fit my this just had to work!}

When the cheese is fully melted, transfer the sandwich from the pan to a plate. Gently sprinkle powdered sugar on top. Place a dollop of jam on the side. Enjoy by dipping your sandwich in the jam before each bite!

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do! Please note, that this is not a completely traditional Monte Cristo. I use whatever cheeses I currently have on hand and I think "real" Monte Cristo's have two meats as well as two cheeses. {?} Either way, this was delicious!

Be blessed <3