Resolutions in Motion

Yes, I'm finally doing this link up.I wasn't going to, and then I realized...I have all these wonderful goals that I set for myself. Why not give myself some motivation? So here I am! My goal? To read 3 books in 6 weeks!

Here are the books I'm reading: Touching Godliness Through Submission by K.P. YohannanCrazy Love by Francis ChanChurch Planter by Patrick Darrin

One of my goals for 2013 (that I had set with my husband back in December, but forgot to write down) is to read 2 books a week through out the year.Even if I only hit my goal 1/2 way for the year, it will be more books than I would get through otherwise. I am going to use this Resolutions in Motion link party to help me really stay motivated and get through 3 books in six weeks. We'll see; God may have other plans, but I will certainly try on this one. =)

There is still time to join! Follow the link above to fill out the form, then write your initial post and link up! You have until the end of this week to do get a move on! =P

Be blessed <3