Saying Goodbye to Sugar...

...for 6 months. Yep...that's right. I'm on a SIX MONTH sugar fast. YIKES

I started last Sunday...and by some miracle have made it one week already. Whoohoo!

So today, at a cousin's birthday party, I posted this to instagram...

What I am NOT eating... looked so good.

So here are the details. My sister Abigail and I are doing this together so here are all the details:

Duration: 6 months Allowed Foods: Natural sugars including fruit, honey, agave, etc. Banned Foods: Sugar Specified "Cheat Days": Once per week for one small serving of sugar (ie. a cookie or flavored latte) Once per month full splurge much sugar as I want! (Note: the week I use my full splurge day, I DO NOT get an additional day for a small amount of sugar) Start Date: July 15, 2012 End Date: ....6 months from now??? We really need to figure that out exactly.

Have you ever done a sugar fast or cut out another food like this? What was it like? How did you keep yourself motivated?

Be blessed. <3