Short and Sweet with Mint Jeans

20130221-233851.jpgRight now I'm sitting at the Starbucks inside of a Super Target waiting for Laura to arrive with our out of town guests Amanda and Timothy (don't ask me to explain why they are with her not's a long story). =)

So yes, our second set of Florida visitors have arrived, hence my blog absence. There is so much going on in my heart that I want to share with you all and encourage you with, but it will have to wait till I have more time. For now, here are two things that have been blessing me with.

This blog post by Heather Boersma on jump starting your devotional life. Even if you have a good, solid devotional life already, it still is very encouraging and a great reminder!

This sermon on Jesus Feeding the 4000 that was preached by my husband lastSunday at Redemption Church. I honestly don't think I'm just biased; it was a great sermon!

We'll talk again soon. Keep update on my Instagram or Twitter. (Links in my About me page)

Be blessed <3

P.S. I did actually write this at Target, but I couldn't find one of the it didn't get published till way case you noticed the time discrepancy in my story. =)