Simple, Sweet Cards

I originally made these cards for Mother's Day for my mother and mother-in-law.  However this simple, sweet design can easily be used for any sort of note.

Remember seeing these floating around on Pinterest?
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As soon as I saw these, I had my mother start collecting corks for me.  She mostly buys cheaper wine that has the fake, plastic corks.  However, I decided to try it anyways.  And guess what?  It works!!!

Now I just need to increase my ink pad collection…I only have one color (which is why the leaves and stems are drawn on =P)

I am not doing a full tutorial in this post for two reasons.
1. It is SO simple.
2. There is already a great tutorial
that I linked to above.

But I will give a supplies list:
As many corks as ideas
A creative mind
Sharpie (or other pen)
An exacto knife

Here is the final product of the gift for my Mom. Coconut Oil for her feet, a gift card for a pedicure, and the pretty card signed by all her children. I was quite proud of my cute wrapping. =P

Be blessed!