Sleeve Removal

I'm so excited!  This post will be my first tutorial post.  I hope you enjoy and find it helpful!  Let me know how I can improve on future tutorials.

These were the sleeves that I didn't.  I hardly ever wore the cardigan just because of the sleeves and figured that they worst I could do was ruin it.  It actually came out quite well!

First step:  I cut up the bottom seam of the sleeve to lay it open.  Then I cut just to the inside of the seam holding the sleeve onto the cardigan.  Your cardigan should now be sleeveless!

Second Step: This step will be up to what you personally want.  I wanted the sleeve opening to be a little larger than it currently was. I tried it on and measure where I wanted the sleeves to come to.  Then I added 1/2 an inch for seam allowance.
Using my measuring tool, I made a mark with a white colored pencil where I would cut (the amount larger I wanted the sleeve hole adding back in the 1/2 seam allowance).
Remember: Your mark is made at the bottom of the sleeve opening near the side seam of the cardigan.
Step Three: Next I decided how far up the sleeve opening I wanted this new cut to join in.  For me this was 3 inches up.  After I marked that spot, I drew my line.
Fourth Step: Fold the cardigan in half down the back.  Match up the two sleeve openings carefully.  This way you only have to make one cut (cutting through all four layers of fabric at once) and your cuts will match perfectly on both sides.  Cut along the white line.  Make sure the front and back of the sleeve openings and the two sleeve openings themselves are carefully matched up so that the cut is even on the front and the back of each sleeve and on both sides.

Fifth Step: This is another optional step!  I decided to zigzag the edges of the seam before folding them over and sewing them.  If made me feel safer with fraying etc.

Sixth Step:  Get out your iron!  Using your measuring tool, fold and iron the fabric down 1/4 inch - iron to the inside of the cardigan.  Then fold that over on itself and iron it again so that the raw (or zigzaged) edge is completely hidden.
(Somehow I didn't get a picture for this step...)
Seventh Step: Back to the sewing machine!  Sew along the center of this double fold to create a finished looking sleeve opening.
FINAL Step!!!  Try it on and admire your handiwork!  Or maybe get dressed up with your new cardigan and go out for coffee!
Sorry for the weird shadow. =P


Hope some of  you found this helpful!  I love my new cardigan and am excited to see what you do as well.  Post pictures for me if you use this.  =)