Smoothie LOVE

They have been my recent obsession since Christmas.
Why Christmas?
Well for Christmas I got this amazing hand blender from my mom! I love it!  I would probably eat a smoothie every day for breakfast if I could.  As it is, I probably have started making them 3 or more times a week anyways.  But the cool part about my smoothies?
They are all GREEN!  Bright green, dark green, even puke very dark green, but they are green!
Why?  Well, I put a giant handfull of spinach in them.  It sounds gross, but you honestly don't taste it and it cuts down on the amount of berries you use (saves $$$ and sugar intake).  Besides that, spinach is really good for you!
(Look here and here to learn about the health benefits of spinach and here for ideas on how to add more spinach to your diet - my idea is by far the best though!)
So here is my smoothie recipe!
Frozen Fruit cut into 1/2" cubes
1 or 2 large spoonfuls of plain yogurt
1 LARGE handful of fresh spinach
2 teaspoons jam (optional - I haven't been using it lately for a tarter taste and to lower the amount of sugar in my smoothies)
Layer all ingredients (except milk) in your container.  Pour milk over the whole thing, until it covers about two thirds of the contents.
Place your handheld blender in the container.  Press down gently until the ingredient compact and the base of the blender is covered in milk.  Start blending.  I blend on high and sometimes gently pulse it.  Use an up and down motion with te blender to mix the ingredients thoroughly.
If you like your smoothie not quite so thick or cold, add more milk and/or partially defrost the fruit before blending.  I like my smoothies really thick and cold, but my husband prefers them more liquidy (is that word?).  So I do it both ways!
For frozen fruit I use mainly strawberries (delicious and the cheapest frozen fruit).  Also good and still cheap are mangos, peaches, and blackberries (surprise!).  You can also add a spoonful of frozen juice concentrate to add a new flavor.  I did it with orange juice concentrate and it was really good!
On a side note, all these photos were taken with my new iPhone!  I used Instagram and then made the collages with another iPhone app - Diptic.  Love it!  I am linking up to Let Birds Fly.
I hope you enjoy this simple breakfast recipe.  Leave me comments with recipes or photos of your delicious smoothies!  And don't forget to follow my blog.
Be blessed!