Day 31: A Recap

Learning Humility...

I knew this series would be humbling. I just didn't know in what way.


I wrote some hard posts...humbling posts.

I missed a lot of days...and back dated a lot of other days.

I had so many days where I didn't know what to write or wrote something and realized what I wanted to write wasn't true...and I had to redefine humility again.

And through all the humbling moments, I learned a lot as well.


I learned that humility isn't a low opinion of yourself, it is a right opinion of yourself.

I learned that humility celebrates the individuality and uniqueness God created each of us with.

I learned that we need humility before God and others.

I learned that gratitude requires humility.

I learned that humility is required by God and empowered by God.

And so much more...

What did God teach you through this series?

Be blessed