Alphabet Week(s) 24-26: X, Y, & Z

Hello lovelies! We are done! Today is the LAST day. Wow...what am I going to do with my Saturday's now?

First Word that Pops into My Head: X - Xylophone...because that is the "x" word in every child's alphabet book ever made...ever. Y - Yummy...because I like food. Why else? Z - Zipper...second only to Zebra in children's alphabet books.

People I Know: X - Ummm, nobody Young Ho - Exchange student who lived with some family friends Zac - Several! Zerna - My (fake) grandma who is amazing and awesome and talent and I love her!

Colors: {Words for this series found here} Xanthic - Apparently this is a shade of yellow...bright yellow! Yellow Zucchini - Yes!

Favorites: Zoos Yo-yos Yawning I have no idea what else...

Dictionary Word I didn't Know: {Words for this series found here} Xanthippe - ill tempered woman Yachty - relating to yachts Zabernism - abuse of military authority; bullying

Food: Yogurt Yams Zucchini bread Zucchini Muffins Zucchini Cake

This has been a fun (and sort of random) series. I've enjoyed doing it; I hope you have enjoyed reading it. Now, honestly, what should I do with Saturdays?

Be blessed. <3