Walking with You

Wow!  It's been forever since I posted.  Sorry!  =(I have thought about posting and wanted to everyday...but sometimes life just gets the best of you. However,  stay tuned...I have a crafting project and a recipe coming up!

Do you ever need someone to just be there? I want to be there for you...I know, I can't be there in person, but I can be there through prayer.  We all go through seasons of struggles and pains.  I want to be there to pray for you during those times.  God hears and He answers! So feel free to ask. alesha.tobless{@}gmail{dot}com

I will never share your requests (on or off the blog) unless you ask me to.  I love you...not because I am super woman, but because the love of Jesus has been poured into my heart and empowers me to love you...it is His love through me.  I want to be a warrior for you...a prayer warrior.

Find out more about blogging prayer warriors... and check out my new page...Warrior for You!

Covered in Grace