Work for It: My List

In my last post, I explored the delicate art of working to create, find, collect, and revisit things that inspire you. Many of these things are also things that relax and refresh my mind, soul, and body, because I am most inspired when I am calm and happy. I ened with a challenge..."create your own list." But I thought I would share at least some of my list with you, as a reminder for me inspiration or new ideas for you.


To Search:

Find a space that is full of light - capture it Find a moment when he least expects it, and surprise him with a kiss In the middle of crazy, stop and just still in your mind or pray/mediate Talk a walk, a hike, a run and look at the nature - you'll always find inspiration Singing worships songs and allow the praise to open up your heart to God Journal about anything…nothing - you'll discover wonders Ask questions People watch Sit still, close your eyes and focus on your other four senses In busy place search for little, forgotten things that others pass by Slowly taste what you are eating or drinking - make it like the first time again


To Collect:

Pick a theme and fill a Pinterest Board Collect thank you cards, birthday cards, letters, and pictures on a cork board Buy and use body wash and lotion of the same scent Buy and wear matching undergarments Write a Gifts List - a collection of thanks Save articles and blog posts that inspire you Write down favorite quotes in a journal - keep adding to it Ask friends for new recipes to try


To Revisit:

Look back through past blog posts Flip through your wedding scrapbook Go back to a beautiful place that you frequent - make it a routine Scroll through your old pins on Pinterest Look through your favorite Instagramer's photos Read old notes, love letters, or birthday cards Browse your own photos on Facebook - let your past inspire your present Remake a favorite recipe, but give it a twist Reminisce with a family member


To Create:

Add little decorations to a shelf Put a candle in the center of the table Pre-serve food and make it look pretty on the plate Tidy your nightstand or the top of your dresser Fluff the pillows on the couch and refold the throw blankets Take a long, hot bathtub with a good book Plan a coffee date with your husband, best friend, or mentor Organize and clean a messy drawer Put clean sheets on your bed and fresh towels in the bathroom

I would love to be inspired by your lists. Leave your ideas or unique items that are on your list in the comments below.

Be blessed <3