Church Planting is... {Part 18}

Church planting is...

...not about the method.
...not about the plan.
...not about the systems.
...not about the schedule.
...not about the organization.
...not about the vision.


Vision and direction and methods and plans are good, valuable, important things. But I often find myself getting so caught up in the plan and the system that I miss out on the main point.

And the main point is Jesus. Always and only Jesus.

The main point is Jesus.
Seeking Him.
Knowing Him.
Loving Him.Serving Him.
Proclaiming Him.
Worshiping Him.
Glorifying Him.

And the systems and methods and schedules we use can be glorifying to God, but they cannot be God.


Methods cannot lead people to repentance. Plans cannot humble and restore us. Systems cannot produce changed lives. Schedules cannot bring us into relationship with God. Organization cannot wash away sins. Vision cannot heal the brokenness this world produces.

"There is power in the gospel, not necessarily the method."
Pastor Daniel Williams

And it is easy to get so caught up in our plans and our systems and our organizational structures that we forget these things are powerless.

They are powerless to save.
They are powerless to convict hearts.
They are powerless to bring repentance.
They are powerless to restore intimacy with God.
They are powerless to produce worship in us.

We need God's Spirit with us and the gospel flowing from our lips and through our lives in order to produce any true fruit for God's glory.

So don't ditch your systems or your vision. Maybe you even need to work harder at your plans and methods. But all of those things will be a waste unless God Spirit is behind them and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is what is being taught through them.

Be blessed