WIWW: Low-Waisted Pencil Skirt

Yes, I know the title sounds like an oxymoron.

It is true though, I made myself a "low-waisted" pencil skirt and now I'm going to share with you how I did it!

(For those of you who read my blog regularly, I know what you are thinking. She just moved to Florida and two weeks later she's creating a pencil skirt?!?! Don't worry. I'm not that on top of it. I made this last spring. Yep...so now you think I'm totally lazy and not on-top of it. "It took her that long to get this post out?!?!" Yes, yes it did.)

I was pretty proud of that zipper (even if it did bunch a bit). It was the first zipper I had done in a loooong time.

{Note: Be careful of your fabric choices. This fabric wrinkles INSTANTLY! Oh...and don't forget to was it first...}

Oh, and that almost invisible hem?  Handstitched.
And I hand-sewed the outside of the waistband down. I really, really need to learn how to stitch in the ditch...

And...in case you were dying to see a few more awkward poses...

Despite my "issues" with the process, I love the skirt and am dying to make more. Maybe in knit so I won't have to do a zipper! Who knows!

Although there is no tutorial here, I hope this inspires you to pull out your sewing machine...it sure is making me want to!
{And I don't even have a table to sew at!}

Be blessed!


pleated poppy