Tutorial: Yarn Wrapped Jar

This project was inspired by a dear, dear friend, who is also a brand new blogger! Yay! Her blog is called Fleeting Beauty! I can credit her with almost anything I know about makeup.

So even though she is just starting out, you should all go follow her and give her some encouragement to keep going. I promise, if we can convince her to keep going, you will learn a TON from her. That girl KNOWS fashion and makeup!

Anywho, a few months before I left, she showed me how she put coffee beans in a jar and then used it to store her makeup brushes. SO CUTE!

So when I emptied out a coconut oil jar, I decided that this was the perfect use for it!

But my label wouldn't come off, and I wanted to look cute. Hence, the yarn.

Supplies: Yarn                                       Liquid Fusion Glue                                                Glass Jar

The Liquid Fusion Glue doesn't dry very quickly, which was perfect for this project.

This photo shows the lines I made with the glue before wrapping the yarn around the jar.

As you wrap, go quickly (so the glue doesn't dry on you), but make sure that you are getting an even wrap. You want the yarn strands touching each other and covering the whole jar.

From the photo at the top right, you can kind of see what I did with the beginning end of the yarn, but let me explain just to make sure it is clear.

  1. Place a line of glue perpendicular to the rim of the jar, running from the middle of the section you are planning to cover in yarn to the bottom edge of the section that will be covered.
  2. Place the beginning end of your yarn along the line, sticking it to the jar.
  3. Put the rest of your glue lines {see pattern above} on the jar
  4. When the yarn is stuck all the way to the bottom of your initial glue line, gently turn the strand of yarn at a 90 degree angle and begin to wrap it carefully around the jar. As you wrap the jar, you will be covering the beginning of strand of yarn. In other words, the strands you are wrapping around the body of the jar will be perpendicular to the beginning of the strand that is glued down.
  5. Keep wrapping until you have covered as much of the jar as you want covered
  6. Wait and hour or two to let the glue dry. {DO NOT CUT YOUR YARN}
  7. Follow the glue lines pattern a second time and wrap your jar again. This will give you a better coverage if you are using think yarn like I did.
  8. When you are finished wrapping the jar a second time, clip the end and be sure to secure it with some extra glue.
  9. Let it dry overnight and then fill with whole bean coffee and makeup brushes!
{Sorry that I didn't get better pictures of the process. I was hurrying so the glue wouldn't dry on me.}
The BEAUTIFUL final product!
The coffee beans are so beautiful aren't they? It makes me happy. <3
{There's lots of happiness going into this post. Can you tell?}

A day or two after these photos were taken, I moved the jar to the front. I wanted it more easily accessible and it was so pretty that I wanted it more in the forefront!

So pretty! I had so much fun editing all these pretty pictures. So you get to share in my joy by getting an overload of finished product photos!
Have you ever wrapped a jar in yarn? How do you store your makeup brushes?
Be blessed.