Take One!

Hello everyone.  Today I have 2 posts for you (I know. You're thining, "Two!  Seriously, how much time does this girl have on her hands anyways?"  Don't worry.  Not nearly as much as you think and yet probably quite a bit more than some of you amazing ladies.  Besides today is my "Saturday" - 1 day weekend.)  I debated whether to post two separate times or to just lump it all into one post.  Separating  them won out, so here is take one!
This post is for the February Photo a Day challenge (see this post).  I have been successful...all three days so far!  Whoohoo!
Day 1 Prompt: Your view today...
I spent most of the day at my husbands office, sitting across the desk from him doing...stuff...like posting here.  =)  It is so nice when I can see his face all day even though he is working and I can't talk to him or bother him.  Isn't he handsome?
Day 2 Prompt: Words
Really cool verses I read on Thursday morning in Isaiah 45.  Read more here.
Day 3 Prompt: Hands
These hands belong to my mother.  She was at our apartment this morning for coffee, biscotti, and a fundraiser planning session!  Travis and I thorough enjoyed our time with her.  And her talented hands cut Travis' hair before she left!  So grateful!  ( I can cut his hair, but it takes me at least 4 times as long as it takes her...sigh.  She's soooo good at it.  Oh well, I'll get there someday.)
These beautiful hands have (and still are) raised and home schooled six children, been a wonderful wife to my dad, cooked countless meals for her family and others, cut hair, given baths, fed pets, cleaned house, taken care of the elderly, and so much more.  I hope to be like her someday!
Well there are my Photos of the Day for February so far!  Hope you enjoy them and I am looking forward to seeing yours!  I am linking up...
Enjoy and I hope you all will join me linking up with these awesome ladies!
Be blessed!