The City

Yes, on the eve of the 11th anniversary of 9/11, Travis and I got to visit New York City for the first time.

Can you see freedom tower? The tallest building still under construction? Rising from the ashes of 9/11... It was wonderful. So much history. Joy Sadness People Things Noise Quiet (well, a little anyways) City Nature Young Old The same Different

The Apple Store...that we later found out was not the super, super cool one (just the super cool one - cause all Apple stores are cool).

Times Square


Tomb of Ulysses S. Grant

Train ticket from New Jersey to Penn Station, NY

Burgers and Malts from the Shake Shack for lunch

I look so tired. =( ...I was...

------------------------------------------ Today, we went to Liberty State Park to get a wide view of "The City".

We also visited a 9/11 memorial at the park.

We are super blessed to be able to have taken this trip. And seeing all the memorials on/the day before 9/11 made it so much more meaningful. I am praying for the families who are still grieving their loved ones lost that day. Be blessed. <3 (P.S. If you are wondering at the lack of pictures, it is because we didn't take our nice camera into the city for lightness of traveling and so that I wouldn't get so caught up in taking photos that I would miss the experience. Maybe next time. *fingers crossed that there will be a next time*)